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Unable To edit floor boundary

PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 12:47 pm
by robledojuan7

I am somewhat new to revit and have asked a few friends about this. Nobody seems to understand why it is happening. I have all my levels set up. The floors are placed according to levels and walls are on top of the floors. I am using imported dwgs with arcs and lines to build the floors and walls using the pick tool.


Apologies for the private message, but I am somewhat desperate.

Whenever I try to edit the floor boundary in any way, the error "The constraints of the sketch defining the highlighted element cannot be satisfied."(see attached screenshot). The only way I have been able to edit the floor is by either cutting the walls, editing, and pasting them back. Or by moving the floor (any minimal amount), editing it and moving it back into place. This is inefficient for a highrise, and I loose any attached, joined or room tags.

I narrowed it down to deleting a single wall on the level and it allowed me to edit the boundary. On a different level I did the same but by narrowing it down to a different random wall. Is it possible that revit cannot handle arcs very well?

I modeled the floors independently, not using a mass, and have no other design options. I tried copying the information to a different file and to no avail. I also had an issue with 2 random walls, attempting to delete them would give me the same error message, forcing me to ether delete the floor or cancel and leave everything as it was.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!!

Re: Unable To edit floor boundary

PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:25 pm
by nealmac
It sounds like you have your floor boundaries constrained/locked to your walls. When you're in "sketch" mode try clicking on 1 of the floor boundaries. Can you see a padlock in the LOCKED position? If so, you need to click the padlock symbol to unconstrain it. You will also need to do this for all other floor boundaries that are constrained in a similar way.

Hope this works for you.