Problem with export Revit14 model to Robot13

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Problem with export Revit14 model to Robot13

Postby dmodomino » Thu Nov 28, 2013 12:24 pm

After my recent training in Revit Structer I've decided to wrote my engineering work for a dyplom in this program. I download free software for students from Autodesk.
After many problems, inter alia with modeling nodes of bars in right way I completed model, which is rawarding for me.
Unfortunately here comes the problem, despite of having "Structural Analysis Toolkit 2014"(and of course Robot Structural Analysis but 2013), when I'm trying to move model from Revit to Robot I have that warning: "The type of initializer for "REX.DRevit2Robot.Revit2Robot" threw an exception".

Can you help my with this problem? Without this I am not able to get graph of internal force in construction. My engineering work for a dyplom is advertising pylon 30.0m height with load from adverts ~0,3kN/m^2.

I'm enclosing the link for my Revit model: Please, look at it.
If it is possible please help me, becouse I want to in near time discuss about project with my promoter. Unfortunately, I've never seen problem like this on forums.

Thank you in advance for your help,

PS If anyone was able to move the model to a robot, but he would not know why on my computer is going otherwise please send the file. rtd - so I could easily work with it at Robot.
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